An inspiring developer for finishing games

Finishing games can feel like such a daunting task, but a lot of times this is because I want to make something quite big and complicated, with many hours of gameplay. I recently found a developer that showed me that this doesn’t have to be this way. Dutch developer Sokpop releases a small game on steam every two weeks for 3 euro’s. Genres are all over the place, as is the quality, but for me its something that I think about when I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish a game. It shows an alternative way of developing to the bigger titles and that If im able to keep my scope small, I will be able to finish it!

I found this inspiring, so I wanted to share^^. Do you have a game developer that inspires you?

It took me months to make my first 2d game. I don’t want to imagine the time needed for a console game.I’m really jealous of all the EA developers as they have the best tools available to make all these games. Of course, I’m also glad since I’m playing NFL Madden 21 like a crazy person and I definitely love the realism behind every move of the players. It’s worth it that much that I decided to spend some extra cash on cards from as their prices are the lowest you can get, and they have opened some great packs recently.

There are a couple of indie developers that have some good GDC talks that I have found inspiring recently. Both of them are by people who have made a living in the indie game dev industry as solo developers, and both talk about their challenges, and how their tenacity keep them going.

How to Survive in Gamedev for 11 Years Without a Hit

Failing to Fail: The Spiderweb Software Way


Cool! I think I have seen the first one some time ago… but I will take a look! Thanks:).

I once read somewhere, like a FB post or something, that being an artist is like digging out a lake with a spoon. You’re excited and all like,“Hey everyone, it’s gonna be a great lake! You’re all gonna love it!! It’s gonna have fishing, and water skiing, and tubing, and…” and everyone else is watching you sitting there digging a hole in the dirt with a spoon.


Haha, its feels like that sometimes, hm:)? But I also get friends that are quite impressed with what I do. I guess it also depends on the expectations you create for both yourself and others.

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I recently came across an indie game company (composed of three members, it seems) called Majorariatto from Spain.
They released their latest game called Pureya a little over a month ago, and it seems to have been received very well, as have their previous couple of games.

But what caught my attention the most, is how, according to the blog posts they’ve made over the years, the first game that they released was deemed a failure at the beginning.
I still haven’t read the rest of the blog posts to find out how it is that they were able to turn things around, but I find this very interesting and inspiring since it means that failure isn’t necessarily the end of the road.
And at the very least, there’s always something to be learned from any failures so you can make things differently in the future! c:

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Those kind of stories are really encouraging, indeed:). Thanks for sharing. And lets keep learning!

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Hehe, yus!
Good luck on your journey!

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The hard part when we’re starting out is to just ‘think small’ and ‘keep grinding’.

“Stay hungry,” they say…

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