An enhanced Terminal Hacker

So here’s my attempt at creating Terminal Hacker, but I enhanced it a bit so it looks like you’re actually infiltrating a server with files in it. Have fun!

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Before i say anything, You deserve an 11/10 rating for creativity, love everything about your unique idea and how puzzles were different and you had to access files and you actually added in like little terminal processing gaps. love them all, a great experience but i have a few notes if you want to tweak it up a bit.

  1. First this is: it took me a while to figure out that there’s a database as i was simply diving into the game and i feel like most people would just be a little hasty with the reading because they want to progress so maybe putting it first as a must read or push it over the player after booting would be a lot more helpful.

  2. I had an issue with writing the right words because you made it all capital for dramatic effect and i get that but as a player and a designer of the same game lol, i instantly typed “EASY” instead of “easy” then when it was wrong i decided to input “Easy” so i’d recommend checking ever Index of the string if it was the write letter or not… if you don’t have much experience with coding, simply string is an array of characters so stringName[0] (This notation may not be in c# but there’s definitely a way to access the letters, if this doesn’t work look it up ") is the first letter and so on, and you can use that in comparison of course.

  3. All passwords where everywhere, in otherwords, easy can have the same initial password as hard and some passwords seemed impossible for me to figure out (i’m assuming they are the eastereggs). Well for the easter egg, i’d recommend giving it as a hint one of the text files like some saying “You won’t believe what happened when i type the code #####” <= the easter egg name ofc.

  4. telling the playing that he won is an ok reward but i didn’t feel any purpose of playing the easy or the medium. so i can just go for the hard and cross that off and reach the termination ending. and by the way, it’s cool how you decided to end it but a screen would do you a way better favor, like a “Game over” screen or something.

So this is it for my honest feedback, if anything of what i said annoyed you i apologize in advance, i really loved your game, it’s a great great experience that i’d be willing to give it another run in my free time to admire the creativity ").

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Thanks for the feedback! I fixed a few things:

Fixed that pretty easily with ToLower() when there’s an input

added alittle delay of 2 seconds between the database at start and the difficulties showing up in the main menu

Oops my script chose easy passwords for hard thanks for pointing that out lol

Got that feedback from my friends on the Hard difficulty, so I removed the ladder encryption so it’s easier

so for now that’s it, thanks again for the awesome feedback and don’t worry, i’m not annoyed by it ahah

Ah, and also, easter eggs are well hidden, so it’s not the passwords.

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Great to hear man and honestly, I really love your creativity so whenever you have an upcoming game just mention me in a reply or something and i’d gladly test it ")

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