Am i the only one that needs to watch 1 lesson for 10 times to understand?

I feel like i’m not smart enough to learn all this because i have to watch 1 lesson for 10 times if not more to understand something ?

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Even if you watched it enough times to fully memorize it, that would still mean nothing. You have to do it and burn that all down (tear it apart / into it) and do it your own way. Get used to the tools and to doing things. As you do that, things connect in the mind. Eventually, you then understand everything in the video.

Guess I should probably add there’s two things here, the game engine and the coding. If you don’t know coding then you will struggle twice as hard (or perhaps more as coding is harder hence why they have blueprints.)

If there’s something you don’t quite understand then you need to stop at it and tear into it until you get it. Once you get it then you can move on. This stuff is too complicated that you need to do more than watch a video.

The time you put into doing it is the time it will take for you to learn. Sometimes that could be a 16 hour day. Sometimes 1 hour is enough for one day. Depends. If too much time goes by without doing one specific hard to understand thing then it goes to completely forget and back to zero.

I could say more tips but that’s long enough.

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not just you, I usually make extra levels or redo the videos to help implement them more. Building my own spins on them as well helps understand it better.

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