Am I the only one annoyed by normals on the bezier curves?

Is it possible to remove them? I mean they hinder visualisation, with all those stripes I can barely make out where the actual curve is and I don’t think they add much in terms of valuable info. I mean I know where to remove the normals in the properties panel but the videos would be easier to follow with those normals turned off.

Seconded, if you’re talking about the ‘spines’ on the curves. I found them extremely annoying, especially when you’re modelling at small scales. They really get in the way. I’d love to know how to hide, shorten or reduce their number in Edit mode.

I too find this really annoying, but I found if you select the curve, then go to the object data tab in the properties panel and change shape to 2d, it’ll remove those spines without affecting the result.

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