Am I any good?

so I have been 3D Modeling for a bit now and I was wondering if anybody thinks I’m ok
if you what to see some of what I have made you can do so here

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Hi Noah,

Kudos for putting yourself out there and asking a question like that, many wouldn’t.

If I may offer a little piece of advice though, whilst you may aspire to become better at a specific thing/task/activity, I would suggest using yourself as your own measure, e.g. look back on your own previous work and then compare that to the most recent piece you have worked on and then evaluate where you feel you are, maybe be a fairer approach.

For example, if you seek evaluation from others you could be easily disappointed if someone with 20 years of 3D modelling experience comes along and says, “I can tell your work is that of a beginner” for example… but equally, how useful, really, is praise from other people who have less ability/experience than yourself, at least to you? Of course your work may be very inspiring to others, but that only then really serves them.

With regards to your channel, I like the way that you have time-lapsed your progress and the audio you’ve added, the music on the bowling pin creation is one of my favourite, recent, pieces of music :slight_smile:

The Lego waves was also a nice piece, it reminded me of watching the Lego Movie with my son and thinking, “wow, how’d they animate all that!”, I can only imagine how much time that must have taken you, well done.

I also enjoyed seeing the low poly planet, looked like this may have been a piece unique to yourself. You have stated that some of these pieces were from following tutorials, I would suggest that perhaps in the evaluation of your own abilities, being able to create models without the tutorials would be a good milestone to measure yourself by.

Hope the above is of some use and thanks for sharing your work.

If you haven’t already, you might consider creating a Sketchfab account, you can upload your models there and create somewhat of a portfolio, but additionally, each model gets a unique URL which you can then paste in to the forum here and your fellow students can then enjoy your models in all their 3D beauty.

See also;

Thank you! thats really kind and means allot to me so Thank You Again

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You are very welcome, please do keep sharing your work and progress :slight_smile:

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