Alternative Clothes

Full progress can be seen by visiting my Repo

Now that I am doing an alternative clothing set, it looks like I will be double posting on all these videos. I have given her some “Daisy Dukes” shorts. Simply shaded blue. I’ll have to come back and texture those with some denim, add a zipper and belt loops. I have added edge loops around the waist and leg holes to sharpen the images since I took the render.


Wow, you added colors :smiley:

I put in the “standard clothes” post that I had problems seeing the lines of the different items. I just did a simple color in the shading tab so I can see what is going on. This is the look I am going for:


Nice summer look :smiley: I will post my model at the end of the Section 3, probably with hair or on whathever Grant would decide to end the block of lessons. :slight_smile:

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I am trying to get caught up with the videos he is posting. As soon as that happens I’ll be working on the boy. I am wanting more materials, but also wanting to do side projects.

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Looks like he is planning to end the section on hair extensions. He has the base hair (close to scalp) set up in the current last video. I scrolled to the end and saw that she has a horrible part line from ear to ear.

I suspect the next section will be rigging and posing, possibly animating as a final section.

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Man’s body would be also a new challenge :slight_smile:
I’m doing the Dragon course and 3D developer course as side projects, but man’s model is also tempting.

Will you model some creases on her outfit too?


We need a texturing section too, but my real hopes are on the rigging and animating parts. To be honest it is my main reason to buy this course.

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I forgot about texturing because I go impatient and did simple shading on my girl. I had problems telling which layer was which.

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