Alt Solution for building Spline Component

I think I found a bit more straightforward approach to building the spline, but I wanted to run this by everyone to see if I’m overlooking something.

After creating the FVector TArray of projectile path prediction points I called USplineComponent::SetSplinePoints() which takes three arguments: an TArray, a coordinate space enum, and a bool (bUpdateSpline). Passing in the TArray we just made and the enum, ESplineCoordinateSpace::World yielded positive results. The bool is set to true by default so I left it unchanged. Code pasted below.

I think this function handles clearing the spline points, converting locations to world coordinates, setting each through a for loop, and then updating afterwards all in one shot.

There’s another function called SetSplineWorldPoints that only takes a TArray (presumably doesn’t require you to specify world coordinate space); however, it does not have the bool argument bUpdateSpline so I am unclear whether or not this function automatically updates the spline once it is build or if that is even necessary.

		TArray<FVector> PointLocations;
		for (FPredictProjectilePathPointData PointData : PredictResults.PathData)

		TeleportSplineComp->SetSplinePoints(PointLocations, ESplineCoordinateSpace::World);

This would work when dealing just with the spline but when you move on to meshes and spline meshes, this won’t work. Using a spline is only temporary and used to debug the curve. You’ll see in the coming lectures.

@beegeedee, sorry to do this here, no one is responding to my other post. Has Sam or Ben (or perhaps anyone that you’re aware of) made a VR multiplayer course?
I can find VR and I can find multiplayer, but the combination has eluded me. This question gets asked in all the forums and no one ever seems to respond. It’s almost suspicious, like there’s some conspiracy to keep this info hidden. There is a VR multiplayer course for Unity offered on Udemy, but sadly nothing for Unreal Engine.

I’m not aware of anything and it isn’t the first time I’ve seen it mentioned. The mechanics would be the same as the multiplayer but vr as screen/controller. I’ve only really seen oculus multiplayer games but I’m sure there are on Steam as well. I guess the closest to that would be Elite Dangerous.

I do know a couple of guys who experimented with it for viewing of point cloud assets via VR so they could have many users looking ad 3d laser scanned assets but it didn’t get anywhere. This was with Unity as well. Shame as the VR was quite cool.

So, short answer is no and I doubt there is anything planned.

My thoughts on this. Get a really basic vr character up and running. Then take the basics from multiplayer and it should be possible to get it up and running. The main issue is the need for 2 sets of high end equipment for testing. That is a major issue.

I hope this is of help.

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