All of my enemy guards stopped working

I don’t know the exact point in time when this happened, but all of my Enemy guards stopped moving. The one that was suppose to patrol around points, the one that should go towards the sound, all of them. I was hoping that behavior trees would solve the problem but it didn’t. I tried to remove the navmesh and add a new one but that didn’t help either.

Can someone please tell me what can be the problem? I have print string in the AIC_EnemyGuard, and in the check for noticing sound, so I know it’s called. But they just don’t move.

What result do you get from the AI Move nodes?

Thank you for a fast reply. Success doesn’t return anything. The basic pin and the On Fail both return “Aborted”.

What does your generated navmesh look like?

Ok, can you see if there’s any additional information in the output log when you play your game? Should only have to run it for a few seconds.

Will this help?

Ok, try lowering the radius for GetRandomReachablePointInRadius, it’s possible that it’s picking a point in your navmesh that actually isn’t navigable.

Didn’t help.

But they stopped working (moving) even before implementing the behavior tree, so it can’t be because of the GetRandomReachablePointInRadius.

Is there some way I could have “turn off” the character movement component or something?

Or could you maybe say more things I can try, not just a one? Because this is taking for ever and I’m very sad that my enemies can’t move.

When things look like they should be working when they aren’t then sometimes you have to take things one step at a time to find the solution.

That said, it is possible that the character movement component could have been disabled. Check the details panel of the Character Movement Component in your guards to see if their walk speed is 0, auto activate is toggled off, or if the default movement mode is something other than walking.

For tricky or weird situations like this, it can also help if we can take a direct look at your project.

Yeah, I get that, I’m web developer for about 10 years. But I’m frustrated with myself that I can’t figure it out and I’m completely lost in the UE5 API.

Nothing of the suggested things helped. Should I go for the direct look or is there something else I should look at please?

One last thing you could try before the direct look, which is to delete both the NavMeshBoundsVolume and the RecastNavMesh actors in your level and re-add the NavMeshBoundsVolume (the RecastNavMesh will be created automatically).

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Wohoooo, the deleting of RecastNavMesh helped. Thank you very much.

Huzah! I’m glad we could work out a solution.

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