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how is my work ben please replay me

I have a bit of experience with Blender but needed to update my knowledge of the new UI and where the commands are. . . I used simple shapes for this and a bit of extrusion.

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Section 1 challenge! Great course, loving it so far :slight_smile:


Section 1, First time Blender user. What do you think?

Scene challenge

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my first project after my year and a half break. restating the whole course from the beginning.

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hey!! just got done with the first section. Am I missing anything? Let me know.

I like this, Really cool idea with the light coming out of the tent.

Finishing up practicing after the first lesson! (idea found from pinterest)

Hey man, pode postar sim. não sei se irão ver e comentar, mas deve ter um grupo de discussão só pra trabalhos. Acredito que se vc escrever em inglês o feedback será sensacional.