Hi all!

Not sure if this is the right way to align the UV-map .

I did struggle a lot with this as the top part of the archway is a different cube added on top ,slightly different size.

As you can see above the arch: one side is matching in colour other side does not .

 Q: should be flipped or not in this case?

Also to match the TOP part so the lines of the textures continue with the sides (bottom cube),the texture shows more than on side. (A /B -sides) (A/B/C- top).

Q: right way or keep the size same....? 

Is this the way to do or not? Not sure…

Waiting for some feedback ,thanks! :slight_smile:


Looks fine tome!

That the colors don’t match is because both arch front have the text correct.
But to match colors you need to mirror one arch ( sx -1 ).

This is because you align the colors base on the top deck plane.

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Not sure what you exactly mean by that . And i did flip the arch Sx-1 as u said :slight_smile:

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For the “Not matching ARC side” B6 B8, you need to flip the UVMAP mesh with th command scale x-ax negative sx-1. Resulting in 8B 6B with matching colors.

Or make ONE big unmap with front top and back combined

Or maybe I don’t understand the question correctly?

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