Alien's in town

Terminal Hacker Game idea


  • Player is in an unknown neighborhood (at around 9pm (night))
  • A meteorite just falls in front of him ( couple of blocks away)
  • Three aliens emerge from them ,the aliens start destroying everything around them
  • He hides in the shadows capturing a video of them
  • But the aliens have spotted him , he runs to cover , to construction area 8 blocks away and hides inside a pipe
  • He wants to upload the video before he possibly dies
  • There are four networks in the neighbourhood
  • The more encrpyted the network is the more faster internet connection he gets


  • Player will have to crack the wifi password
  • There are 4 difficulty levels different networks each with a different security method
  • He will have to guess 5 words to get the password (just assume he has to) ( not talking about how that happens)
  • Words can be anything a common/proper nouns, verbs, adjectives etc


Ordered in increasing order of difficulty

Name Of Network Encrption
Directex_5a45 WEP
Neel-816 WPA+TKIP


Directex_5a45 Neel-816 TP-Link_E3DA DAMI3
birds asia vagilty zephyr
monkey battery macaroni sabretooth
plenty inactive amputation dwelling
side xerox laboratory athena
supply school impossible secretary
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Cool. You really thought it out.

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