Alien walk test 2 - WIP

I changed several times the bone animation. It’s still not to my liking’s, but hey! we’re learning.
I added a floor the emphasize the movement. Then I got creative and activated other prepared parts of the animation.While the original animation is 24 frames. I duplicated the rest in the video editor. To make a longer version. And Eevee works like a breeze. Animation development is much more fun now. You can see the movie clips in a very fast time.
The facial expression is to … springy? It’s too fast for an animation in 24 frames. Need to render a longer scene for better control. That bring me to the idea of having a different animation for the head. Independent to the walk animation cycle.
I know you can store animation sequences.I did it a long time ago. I hope it will be explained in the last parts of this course (I’m at 80% now).

I need to work on the arms too. (It’s now the “I am a plane” scene …)
But that is a new job for tomorrow. See ya, and happy rendering.


I like it a lot

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