Alcoludo - mobile drinking game!


I’ve just released my first ever mobile game, made in Unity3d. It’s pretty simple and nothing to really boast about, but nevertheless, I wanted to share it with you! I really hope to get some constructive criticism. It’s the first time I’ve made a real game so there are probably a lot of things that more experienced devs could point out. Really - any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Alcoludo is a pretty simple board game for parties. Your goal is to reach field #69 and live to tell the tale. It’s best to play with friends, as playing with only 2 people would probably be not as fun as with a whole pack. And don’t forget to stock on some booze!

I could never have done it without the courses from I have bought probably all of them and learned so much. I’d like to thank all of You: Ben, Rick, Michael, Penny, Samuel, Wilmer (I hope I didn’t forget anyone). You have turned my spark of interest in gamedev into flame and love.

I’m a programmer, coding boring, office programs. This project, which I’ve spent around 5 months (with few massive intervals) on was a great way to remind myself why I love to code.

I hope to use the knowledge and experience gathered throughout making of this project in the future, on some other game.

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