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Air Defender 3D is an arcade style game I made using Unity3D. The gameplay is similar to the old-school arcade game missile command. You launch missiles to destroy the incoming enemy munitions. People walk out of the buildings and tapping them earns credits that can be used to upgrade your missile launcher. My latest update added global leaderboards that I implemented using GameSparks.

I learned Unity3D from Ben’s Unity course on Udemy. I also made some of the 3D models using Blender based on what I learned from Ben’s Blender course. The rest of the 3D models came from the Unity asset store. I started working on my game around December of 2015 during my free time. I have a full-time job in a completely unrelated field so my work was mainly done in spurts as I had time. I do have a background in programming from college so I was able to pick-up the coding part fairly quickly. Regardless, I never would have been able to complete this game without Ben’s courses on Udemy.

My app is currently monetized with rewarded video ads but my next update will add in-app purchases. Right now I am using Unity Ads exclusively but my experience with it hasn’t been stellar. After the in-app purchase update I am going to look into either ad mediation with some other ad service(s) or just switching to another ad service.



I love the look of this.

Thank you! I’m happy you like it.

Nicely done

Today I played your game for a while. As I said earlier, really nicely done. Can you tell me why do you want to resign from using unity ads? Now I’m using Adbuddiz but I will resign soon because of small fill rate (variety of ads). I saw in your game that unity ads have a lot of different content to show. I even downloaded one game to give you extra cash.

Thank you for playing my game and I’m glad you like it!

The fill rate with Unity Ads has been great and I definitely have no complaints regarding that. My issue has been that I have 600+ rewarded ad views and 0$ revenue to show for it. I realize that isn’t a huge number of ad views but I would like to at least see something for ad revenue. The Unity Ads FAQs say that you need to have about 5000 ad views before you will see any revenue. I was very concerned that meant the first 5000 views were discarded and would generate no revenue. I submitted a support ticket and received a response that I will eventually have revenue for those 5000 views but they didn’t say when.

But it’s rather normal. I’m pretty sure that you will get cash for these views but at the beggining it’s hard to estimate how much. That’s why you don’t see any revenue. I had the same issue with adbuddiz. First time I saw revenue was after a month from releasing my app. What p****s me off it’s that I have only ~130ads to show to take my gathered revenue and at the moment I have no ads to show in many countries. Next time I will use Ad Mediation tool.

Here is some information I pulled from my Unity Ads account that might be useful for you. I am showing a 100% fill rate in every country that has ad requests.

Country code,adrequests,available

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My latest update (version 1.2) has been published to both app stores! This update adds a new attack helicopter enemy type, increases the maximum level of the launcher upgrades, and makes some improvements to the leaderboards. I also discovered a bug while play testing that could result in some high scores not getting posted to the leaderboards. I made the mistake of believing that the third-party service I use would be able to handle network disconnects but I was wrong. I just added my own workaround that updates the service later if the initial score posting fails.