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Ok so I am having some problems with getting the Aim offsets, Animation set up for a character. They are from the same pack and use the same skeleton and I created a Custom Aim Offset using the right, Left, Up, Down frame. Now the problem persists on their own they work how it is intended but when I combine them together, I.e the blend space node into the Aim offset I get some really crazy deformation.

Does anyone know where to start or get these working as an additive aim offset?

Are all the individual samples correct? And what does it look like previewing the blends?

When Previewing the blends in the Ao Offset it looks good, untill i set the base mesh Preview Base Pose, then i can see it distorts, so I dont understand what i Am doing Wrong?

For each of the offsets I have them set up like this

Additive Settings are in mesh Space.

Also my Locomotion blend space is set up the way it is set up in the course,

its only when i try to add the additive settings i get an issue, I think it might have to do with the base pose as when i go to preview base pose and set it for the middle one of locomotion blend space then i can see distoration.

The animations are all from the same pack, and the skeleton i am using is on the charcter.

I have tried all day yesterday and today, and still nothing. Please Any Help would be grateful because understanding these animations sucks, and defenitly not a part of the game development process i currently enjoy or understand.

I think I would need to look at the project
Could you use the following link to send me your project?


Ok Thanks, I will upload now.

I finally got the upload to work, Hopefully it didn’t break too much making a blank map so i could remove the files not needed, I had to upload to my own google drive but provided the link in the form, hopefully you can help solve this problem, so I can understand a bit more of what is going on.

This is the main problem, if you have time any other suggestions would be welcome of the things I added.

Everything is looking okay to me :confused:

What pack is this?

The pack is riffle by mocap online

It might be a problem on how i set the aim offset, But tyhe packed contained the aim offsets I just put them together in a aim offset, maybe its because of the base pose of the aim offset not matching the default aim_idle.

Its been tripping me up for sure

I think i have got the soloution and appears to be working as intended, Al be it the gun and such seem misplaced but im on the right direction.

I used the default look animation and created a duplicate of that → deleted all frames → moved spine. then made sure in the additive settings i set like this.

And now when im in game it appears to work.

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