Agon Assault VR - Flight Glimps VR Cockpit View WIP

Heres the view from the ship im working on. Still need to make the interior, just opened up the inside and made the windows transparent for this project and tossed in the vr camera rig.


Keep up the hard work! :+1:

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Thanks bud :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see where this goes! I’m using my ship I made from my other project, however now that I’m inside it in VR, I realize how clunky and huge my ship is haha, it feels so weird but cool at the same time, I never expected to be flying around inside it. I’m working on controls right now setting up Flight Stick(HOTAS) and also working on map design.(Controls are working…kinda, not happy w/them yet). Going to see what it feels like having a throttle control on the Rails for the ship and add some maneuverability even though its still a Rail Shooter(I Hope there will be ways to trigger the rail mechanic on/off so you could have a huge path leading to a big boss room). I have a ton of ideas and I’m gonna try to stick to what they said the game plan was, making it CRAZY with stuff going on all over the place, and I hope to get laser happy at some point. I have a slew of characters to mess with as well, some which I’ll have to modify and knock off some heads so it doesn’t get in the way of the VR Camera.

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Awesome idea to extend the Argon Assault to VR! Keep up the work, don’t be discouraged in face of difficulties and post your progress!

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Thanks m8 :slight_smile: I plan on taking it as far as I can. I don’t get discouraged easy and in fact am quite the opposite. Very excited to try to push some limits in VR.

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I guess I’m [[following your posts several months behind, but I’m looking forward to seeing where this ended up!

Yeah i’ve come a long way and still working, here’s some vids of stuff ive been working on

lots of ideas and stuff happening, but its only me working on the project so lots of re-writing and editing constantly, lots of trial and error, and lots going in/out of the project as things continue to adapt and change.

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Dude, this looks amazing! I love the mechanical centipede thing you created, along with everything else. Totally understand the stop-and-start nature of working on this. I bought the Unity game dev course last summer and am only sitting down to actually go through it now.

Any chance of an Oculus Quest build for this game?

I’m working on the FPS portion of it right now, the main concept is gonna revolve around actually controlling/playing a fps character through the story, and you have the ability to use multiple vehicles and essentially have a main “Hub” think “Phantasy Star” but there will be various zones/planets/“Hubs” and there will be plenty of running around ground game as there will be flying around air game. Hoping to create quite an rpg/space shooter/fps adventure, with replay value, and coop, with some Dead Space in there somewhere as well haha :smiley:

As far as multiple platforms - I only have Vive/Index, I don’t actually have access to Oculus, however if I ever do, id love to make it available for all platforms.

Note I am also trying to make each play option availble -

  • No VR (keyboard mouse or gamepad)
  • VR Headset only (headset + xbox controller or mouse keyboard)
  • VR Headset + Motion Controls

Epic! Sounds like a pretty ambitious undertaking. Also sounds super cool. Looking forward to seeing it down the line, in VR or otherwise.

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