"Aftermath" - when the time stops

I took a break to have some fun with mech. I imported it to Unreal Engine 4, added environment (mostly out of assets from the marketplace), learned how to “stop the time” (especially this was tricky for particle systems). And here is the result. A short war story about a mech called “Red Devil”:

Edit: updated link to video with better render quality.


Good visual effects.
A pity that it wasn’t done in Blender, but I understand if you want to progress in Unity. Which is also a great achievement. Well done.

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My Blender-fu is too weak for that kind of scene… yet ^^

And here is just a simple showcase, how it looks in Blender (Cycles):


I’ve re-rendered the scene with “high quality media recorder”, which resulted in much better video quality. I’ve updated the link in first post as well:

Also, if anyone is interested I’ve packaged the project, so you can see the sequence without Youtube video compression artifacts and fly around the level. It’s unfortunately quite big (3GB). Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VPmbji_6UfgB4MEq8BNsQdLbEtlwlFAK/view?usp=sharing

Note, I don’t have means to check “minimum hardware requirement”. It is running fine (120fps) on my machine (i7-8700k + 1080ti @ 3440x1440), but it’s quite heavy especially in terms of many big textures (might stutter a bit at the beginning while the textures are being streamed in). In the packaged build I capped the fps to 60fps.

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