After puting XR Origin, right and left controller are not be seen


Hello everyone,

i followed this course (Assets and XR Management), and put the XR Origin like in the Video.

Only the Camera offset is there but not the left and right controller. Where is the error?

If you use the correct version, 2023.1, and follow the video exactly (it is easy to miss something and I had to watch this 3 times to ensure I got everything) then the VR rig should work exactly as expected.

Without your project or information however, it would be impossible to tell you what is missing.

Can you confirm the version of unreal and the version of the plugins that you are using.

I have the Version 2023.3. Becauce i didnt found the 2023.1 Version at Unity.

Update: Found it. But why it doesnt work at Version 2023.3?

These are my Packages. I followed the Video and got everthing right. But only the Controller are not showing. And i tried to reduce my version but its not working

At a guess it is because you are using a preview or experimental package which is likely to be problematic. You need to use v2.4 of the xr interaction toolkit.

If you need to 8nstall an older version of Unity, you do this via the hub. There is a button there that opens a Web page and that enables you to download pretty much any release from 2015 onwards.

The problem here, i cant download the 2.4 Version of XR Interaction Toolkit

Update: Found it. Thank you

Did it resolve the issue?

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