After Guard Take Down Problem

I’m currently taking the unreal-stealth-combat course
I have a few problems that I simply can’t fix

First of all, I don’t know
why it’s detected after taking down the guard like the picture I attached below. In the picture I attached, the red cylinder was marked to indicate the radius of the guard catching the player character.

Second, after killing the guard, an unknown object blocks the player and the player cannot go past the spot where the guard died.
(I couldn’t attach a photo because it was difficult to capture the moment.)

Thirdly, there is an issue where the takedown interaction continues even though the guard is clearly dead.

Hi and welcome to the community.
First, the guard detecting you after takedown is addressed later, so don’t worry about that. The other issues are down to issues with your implementation. The course if followed exactly works as expected so this would point to a mistake somewhere in the blueprint.

My recommendation would be to rewatch the video and double-check your implementation. Without seeing your project, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what was wrong.

Usually I would recommend going through the lesson 2-3 times and ensure you’ve not missed anything - I know I do this myself to troubleshoot issues.

Otherwise, let me know how you get on and if you can’t spot anything, share your blueprints and we can take it from there.

Thanks for the reply.
I rewatched the lecture about six times to see if I missed anything,
Lastly, I made a new one from scratch today, but the problem above is not solved

Right now, I’ve solved the third problem with the help of the official Unreal guidebook and other sites

I think I misrepresented rest of my problem

Even though my player character killed that guard, it’s happening that no catching action should occur in the place of the guard that my player character killed

And the other problem is that because of the collision with the fallen guard, my player character can’t go straight past the fallen guard’s seat
In other words, I can’t get stuck in something
I think it’s because of the security guard’s capsule collider

Here are the blue prints about my grabs and takedowns

I’m Korean, so please understand that some of the functions are written in Korean.

Ok, These are really hard to see so can you zip your entire project folder and upload here:

That way I can look at the blueprints side-by-side of the working copies I have.

let me know when the file is uploaded.

I just uploaded it!

Please take a look at what I submitted

Thank you.

I have the project and not looked at it yet. I’ll let you know when I have and it may be a couple of days

It seems that you’re missing part of the implementation of the takedown interface call. This is where you set the is dead variable in the AI_Guard blueprint which stops it from detecting the player. This solves the first issue.

As for the second issue, the guard’s body is there which is why it is blocking you. You could add a timer to remove the body after a given time but the collider for the guard is what is in the way. This is expected behaviour.

I hope this helps anyway.

Oh, my Gosh
Why couldn’t I find the missing part…
Thank you for helping me solve the First problem

To solve the second problem, I’ll try setting a timer like the way you said and eliminating it.

Thank you again for your help in solving the problem

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