After fracturing Cube his walls becomes invisible from different angles

So im trying to make a cube and fracture it but after i just click New button in the fracture menu

my cube walls becomes invisible from different angles
here looking from above the cube top wall is missing

but when im inside the cube all walls are there

looking from outside on the side wall its not visible either

but when inside its visible
I tried: disabling/enabling nanite, making a different static mesh, using older UE version, switching materials.
Weird thing is i did fracturing with a wall in the same project and its fine but when i tried it with the cube its not but i noticed if i do two sided the inside is still empty so when it fractures it looks weird because theres no material inside

Not familiar with UE, but this looks/sounds like backface culling.

I did a quick search for that, and the solution posted there says to look in the options of your material and tick “Two-Sided.” That certainly makes sense to me! Here’s the link:

it actually worked, thank you very much, i also tried another solution that Shadow2359 told, is to create the same shape with Modeling tool and it worked as well but thank you this is a lot easier way.

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Cheers, glad it helped! ^v^

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