Aerosphere (WIP)

Hello and Happy New Year!

I wound up taking more time off than I planned, but I’m back to work on this project. I’ve updated the build to include Level 3. It’s short and simple to get me back on track quickly but it has a sense of urgency that I enjoy.

Pressing L will skip to the next level so you can go right to the new content if you wish. Thank you for playing!

Hello! I’ve made a small update to include a test room for a gravity mechanic I’m planning for Level 4. Also threw in some bouncy obstacles to give players something to dodge, but for now any collisions won’t cause damage.

Hi David. This is freakin amazing sir. The design of the level, character, and the obstacles are all top notch. Especially the Aerosphere, that’s my fav looking thing in the whole game. I love the way the story progresses with the self-narrating as well as the mysterious received transmissions/inscriptions you find. The levels are so huge I shudder to think how much work went into this.

Aerosphere has given me inspiration to try to make my future games with way more depth to them. Really amazing. I could easily see this game being sold somewhere.

Awesome job David, this game was so much fun to play. I couldn’t beat it in my 20 min of playing it but I saved it I will definitely come back to find out what happens in this story!

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Thank you very much, Louis! Yeah, trying to come up with levels makes me shudder, too. I hid for 5 months to escape it, heh.

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Well, I’m glad you came back, and from what I played it was def worth it. Can’t wait to see what you do with ur future games.

Hello again! My, how time flies! It looks like this thread is no longer in the Show section, but I’ll continue using it until the project is no longer WIP.

I’ve updated the build to include a title screen and the fourth level themed around gravity: a lower gravity than previous levels, weightless randomly bouncing obstacles, and random shifts in gravity. I wanted a level that players can’t just memorize and always keeps them on their toes. Some notes/hints:

  1. The gravity shift will always be plus or minus 90 degrees from its current direction.
  2. Trigger colliders have been placed over the opening of the landing pads and on either side of doorways to keep the proper number of obstacles in each room and to protect the player from cheap shots.
  3. The light fixtures on this level have been damaged and are leaking some sort of plasma. It can’t harm you, but it’s useful for seeing which way is up.

The level skipping control is still in place: once past the title screen, press L to skip to the next level. I’m now entering the final stretch and will be working on the final boss level and ending. Thanks for playing!