Advise on managing my downloaded assets

I tried to download some freely available assets. When I click on the download button in the Unity Asset Store interface, its shows percentage download…but where is it downloading too? Its not in the currently open unity project, and I can’t seem to find some other directory listed to tell me where the assets have been downloaded too. Help please.

Also how do you more experienced folk manage these assets. Is it all offsite where you just access whats in your profile, or do you store assets locally on your PC as well?


If you’re running on Windows, check here:

C:\Users{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x

As you note, the asset store also tracks your “purchases” (whether free or paid-for) so if you have to re-install your software or operating system, it shouldn’t be too much headache to get the ones you use back in your local cache.

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