Advice on a front flip animation

Good morning, guys, Good morning, Mike!

I made a front flip animation with my lamp.
Please watch it here:

I am happy with the result.
What I did not like, however, is that I had to animate the front flip almost manually - frame by frame.
During the front flip, I want my lamp to rotate around some point (I marked it with a 3D cursor). Now the problem is that I could not find I way to automate that movement - I mean set the start position and set the end position.
What I did - I set the start angle and the end angle and during the transition, I had to reposition the base bone each frame, otherwise, the movement would be jerky.

What would be a better approach to this? Could you advise?


The armature (rig) depends on how or what you want to animate. And thus how you will rig the object. You need to think what kind of animation you need before you rig things.

In your case, I would suggest to add an EMPTY of the location of the 3D-Cursor and connect it to the empty of the lamp. Now you have an additional control point to do things.

Have fun, keep us updated.

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