Advice for more complex walking animations?

I was wondering how I could include animations for walking backwards and left/right?

I threw this together, and created additional animations for walking up (players back to camera) and walking side to side (profile view).

I’m a bit confused how to handle diagonal movement. I feel like I’m taking unnecessary steps with all these animations and transitions, so I wanted to ask how these kinds of movement animations are typically handled?

This is something handled much easier in 3d animation, of course, since it’s just a matter of rotating the character in the right direction… In addition to creating the diagonal animation frames, you’ll need to do some more complex checking scenarios…
For example, walking NorthEast might be

North > .1
East > .1

South East might be

North <-.1
East >.1

and so on.

I think a blend tree would probably be better suited for this. You can have a look at this for an example

It only covers the 4 primary directions, but you should be able to add 4 more animations for the diagonal movement and set the appropriate values for the blend tree

This is 3D and has an 8 direction (9 because it includes walking in place) blend tree, but the idea is the same for 2D

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