Advanced Unreal Engine development

Hi, most of the UE4 tutorials we see on the net are for beginners. As a beginner, we can do a few of them, many will have redundancy as obviously when covering the basis, everybody covers more or less the same things. Problem is after we have done a bunch of such tutorials, there is nothing to guide us into real production and with more complex aspects of the engine. So this thread is not about a particular technique I would like to see represented, but more about a general tendency to also think about people who have the basis of UE and now want to go deeper into some specific topics. Let me give an example: landscapes. There are many of tutorials out there about building a landscape with UE, but which one will tell you about blending of meshes with the landscape? about world space UV mapping? about making caves ? About dynamic landscape evolution to handle seasons? about handling realistic wind applying to any landscape elements and other actors? Well, probably very few, if not none.


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