Advance AI course (Unity and Unreal)

Currently most tutorials provide only basic AI for games.
A course on making a system for example zombies within a FPS game to incorporate

Ragdoll Systems including damage to limbs to reduce zombies to a crawling state or only bite attacks if arms are gone.
Hunger and feeding on bodies left in scene which reduces on moving about the level
Sound detection
Smell detections (If carrying food that is not in a container or uncooked your detection radius is larger)
Idle, Patrol and Pursuit (And searching after losing the player before returning to patrol)
Alerted State where the zombie has detected but does not know where and starts searching.
Sound system with audio pooling.

I would really look forward to a course like this. Would it really be feasible to make it programming agnostic so it works for both C# and C++.

On an unrelated note, I know there were talks long ago about doing a Game Design Theory course. Are there really plans to implement one in the future or is it still an idea?

This is purely just a suggestion from the student side of me but i was thinking of 2 courses as it would be very different in the engines but i think its something both engines could use.
Its also hard to find the content and the support for students who gets stuck.
Only one company i know of has done this and they shall remain namless but they never never finished the course on udemy and put the next part behind a paywall (4 years ago it started!)

On the Game Design Theory i havent heard on anything as everything got updated at the same time (Blender,Unreal and unity!)

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Full support! Please, Unreal also!!