Additional Socials / WWW via Profile

I know the Portfolio icon was added previously, but it’s placement differs from that of the built in “www” field.

This topic on Discourse’s meta has a great example of enabling this, and it may be nice to include other social media platforms, including linkedin…

@sampattuzzi / @ben - any chance of adding this?

I’m happy for you to if you’re willing and able Rob, thanks so much for the idea.

If not, maybe @sampattuzzi could swoop-in?

Might be better if @sampattuzzi swoops in @Ben, as he added the previous implementation for the portfolio field, of which I cannot see anything glaringly obvious in the customise/html settings.

It’s a good idea but I’m a bit hazy on what’s needed and don’t have a lot of time for it right now. Let’s revisit in the future.

Ok Sam.

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