Adding Textures in 2.8 Help

Using Blender 2.8 and trying to add the wooden border texture, however the top and sides are not showing correctly. Anyone have any ideas what i’m doing wrong?!

Seems a couple people are struggling with this in B2.80 so, I worked these examples up.

Using the default cube modified to 10m square by 1m thick,
(Make sure your scale is applied)

Using the same cube with added edges between the corners on the top and bottom and using them as seams (yeah that’s a bit advanced for where you are at the moment)

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If you want a solution without making seams :


The important part is to change the 3rd paramter in the “brazilian_rosewood” image texture to BOX. And then adjust the blend mode under it.
What is basically does is project the texture from 6 sides onto your model. With the blend factor you can make the seams less visible, as it blends the sides together.

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