Adding info zones to display messages to player in Unity Game Kit

How’d you go with implementing messages? Anything you can share with us?

I ended up using the text as a way to let the player know that they can drop down and surprise the chomper, as the camera does not show the chomper.

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@Rick_Davidson I missed a thing in the video, namely the possibility that the lyrics only fades in once and then they do not appear again. I hope that will be explained in the future!

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I now know how to display the texts only once. For those who are interested, on the screenshot I marked the important place in red!

In the info zone in the “On Exit” method, you have to press the plus at the bottom right, drag your own info zone into the object field and select “Set Active” as the function. This will turn off the event if you have not checked the box

Thanks for sharing this.