Adding Detail - Franche-Comte house

This has been quite the puzzle, but now I know a lot more about linking, texturing and nodes and noodles. I even found the scissors.
Looking at the render, I realise that I should probably move the little wooden bits back a bit or bring the panels forwards a bit. Well, a long way from finished.


Very impressive. How long did it take you to make this? What was your inspiration?


It’s all about you as a designer. It is a certain building style (Earth quake resistant), so why not?
Maybe change the lighting from point light to sun lamp.

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Thanks. It took about a week, I think. My main problems have been with scaling/linking and then with the longer beams that had far too many unnecessary connections/sides in strange places. There is one last vertical beam somewhere that is still uncorrected. The roof supports need work. They’re a bit too wonky and some are too long. As for my inspiration, it is this historical house from Courtes in the Ain department in France.


Nice model, and good to have that inspiration to work from.
Grant is a better modelling teacher than History though! You have already spotted the issue with his beams not flat with the infill. You can amend it!


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