Adding Destructible Boxes and Health Crates in 3D Game Kit

How’d you go with making a secret area? Any questions or comments?

I have built a small secret area.

But beware! Do not let the little chompers bite you!

If they did, maybe you can find some health in this chest?!

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I added a portal to a secret area.

I did my lil area with rocks. I miss full 3D shapes in the kit, I had more trouble hiding the holes and non textured areas than anything XD

And the physics made the entry go live everytime I tried to put them aligned, that means the destructible crates changed their position slightly everytime. I had to try several times until I found a mid position to work with.

And still, it looks like the boxes have a will on their own.
Anyway, it seems I got a half decent secret area XD

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