Adding Death Hazards in Game Kit 3D

How did you go with adding hazards? Do you have a screenshot you can share?

Thank you for helping me with the screenshots! I decided that adding a little bridge for players to walk on, as well as adding a dangerous looking plant would make the acid more interesting.


Looks cool!

Just a side topic, if you haven’t left a review / rating yet on Udemy, would you mind taking a moment to do so? Whenever you’re ready, and only if you think the course is worth the time. The reason I ask is because the course is new and doesn’t have many reviews yet.

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The stone to my left shows what happens when you take on the acid!

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Hi @Rick_Davidson!

I just found a bug with polybrush and the solution to the problem, so I thought I came by and share with the community.

When pushing the terrain, it seems like the mesh/collider doesn’t update it’s properties, so the character seems to be walking in the air (or stuck inside the terrain if you pulled the terrain up as seen in the screenshot).

THE SOLUTION: Click the Plane GameObject you are editing on the Hierarchy, then on the window toolbar -> Tools -> Polybrush -> Bake Vertex Streams - Apply To Current Mesh.

Hope it helps.


Awesome!! I had the same problem and my character starts walking in the air. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for sharing this!

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Using the death volume and the acid asset I created an awesome death hazard. You have to jump on the platforms to avoid the lava. I changed the acid assets to lava.

While i created the platform thing on the first section, i added the poison on this section to ensure the player doesn’t want to fall:

The problem i have is that when you fall you die, but respawn in the middle of the lake and the system allow you to run under the posion :frowning:

I kept them simple, just to practice a bit with them : ) I enjoyed the introduction to Polybrush and ProBuilder as well. Beware of the puddles :wink:

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