Adding ControlPlayableAssets not working for me



Hi Guys,

Unfortunately following Rick’s video up to the point where he adds a control track and instructs us to right click and add a control playable assets clip, the control playable assets clip is not showing up on my Unity 3D and the only thing I can add after mute is “Add from gameobject”.

Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated! Also I have the latest version of Unity 3D if that helps.



I believe its a new version of unity issue, you would instead use the right click method and (add from game object) … then add the GameObject you attached the new timeline too. (The empty you created at the start of this video).

In this video it was called (wave 1)

It may make more sense to call that object (wave 1 timeline) just for ease when adding timelines. You would then manipulate that object from there.


Worked perfectly, thank you!