Adding C++ Class bug

currently doing the Compiling a C++ Project from Obstacle Assault under the Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games I’m running into an issue/bug that is stopping me from progressing.
When telling Unreal to create a new C++ class it errors out saying “Platform Win64 is not a valid platform to build. Check that the SDK is installed correctly”

Did you install Visual Studio with the options shown in the lecture? Do you have the Windows SDK installed?

yes, I have followed the course materials to the letter and even uninstalled and reinstalled Unreal

Could you show what you have installed in the Visual Studio installer?

I originally didn’t have the and Azure but when I had the issue I thought they were needed as they were already selectd when I had loaded the installer the first time, installing them didn’t help with the issue

Seems like you’re missing a Windows SDK. I’m not 100% what’s compatible but these are the versions I have installed

2023-04-01 09_12_00-Visual Studio Installer

even tho anything Windows 11 just makes my skin crawl, I installed all of the Windows SDK and that worked.
Thanks for helping.

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