Adding a PostProcessMaterial Blacks out left Eye

Whenever I add a post process material to my VR game (dropped straight on globalpostprocessvolume), the left eye goes completely black. The material I am using is currently SceneTexture:PostProcessInput0 -> to -> Material EmmissiveColor.

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Haven’t done VR so that would be @sampattuzzi.

Also this should be in Ask not Show.

There are a few posts in the Q&A that mention this. Have you got access to the Udemy course?

I do not (that I know of). I have the course in (and it references the Udemy discussion in the intro) but I have not figured out how to transfer the course to Udemy or find the Udemy discussion.

Sadly no way for us to give free coupons to Udemy anymore. But no worries, I checked the Q&A there and there was nothing relevant.

Could you share a screenshot of the material and the effect you are seeing?

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Sure thing, thanks for getting back to me. I also included whats in my PostProcessVolume, as I have another material that I use in game. However, I don’t think that it is relevant because I tried removing that material and got the same effect.

When played, the window on the computer goes black, and in VR the left eye is black as well. The right eye views the scene normally.

Screenshot (6) Screenshot (7)

Have you tried any of the other PostProcessInputs? Maybe a different one will work.

What VR headset are you using and which unreal version?

I did test all the other PostProcessInputs, and those that had outputs (that is, they weren’t just black in both eyes) had the same problem where the left eye and screen preview were both black.
Im using an Oculus Rift (not S) with Unreal 4.24.1.

And you tried removing the highlight from the array entirely?

Yeah, I did. Even with it completely removed and rebuilt, the left eye is black if I put the M_TunnelVision on.

Could you try 4.25 to see if you encounter the same? You could always skip the blinkers to move on with the course. Another way to implement is with a tunnel mesh surrounding the player with a fading texture.

Thanks! The tunnel vision is not really crucial to the game Im making so I’ve been continuing on without it.
When I update Unreal Engine, I’ll let you know!

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