Adding 10DOP-Z Simplified Collision

It doesn’t create a perfect cylinder for the barrel.

How do I make the collider a perfect cylinder barrel? Or how to increase the sides?

Also how do I put back the original mesh collider?

What do you get instead?

Hello, the collider don’t have to be a perfect cylinder.
The collider aim to fasten the collision calculation.

Clicking on “Adding 10DOP-Z simplified Collision” is to help you create a more accurate collision while keeping it simple for collision computation.

Don’t try to create a “perfect” cylinder, all you will achieve is slowing your application

i get an 8 sided cylinder instead. what i want is for the barrel to roll if i knock it down.

is it possible to shave off the capsule end, so that it is flat so i can stack them while having a smooth sides?

You’d probably be better off creating it yourself in a program like Blender.

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