AddForce at Location Local

Hello, this is getting a bit ahead of the lesson, but I wondered what the difference is between

  • AddForce
  • AddForce at Location
  • AddForce at Location Local

I had a look at the documentation, but I was confused by the term “body space” which is mentioned here: Add Force at Location Local | Unreal Engine Documentation

Is this another term for local space, or something else?

I also struggled to make sense of the basic difference between the three different “AddForce” actions in Blueprints.


Local is usually an indicator that local vs world spaces are being used. With world space, the axis always remain the same but with local, this would change based on the rotation of the Actor.

The location part just enables you to specify where the force is being applied.

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What location would “AddForce” use? Would it just be applied to the root transform?

At a guess, yes. To be sure I need to look through the source - will get back to you.

Ok, looks like it applies to the default transform of the Actor. The engine source is pretty huge and not that familiar with it but that’s what I see when I dig through it.

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