Added details with Sculpt Mode

Had great fun doing this lecture’s challenge! The sculpted details look a lot less prominent in renders, wonder if I should go back and make stronger features on the model. :sweat:


You did a very good job here! Why stronger features? Don’t be harsh on your self.
Maybe, when adding hair, textures, some bump maps, lighting, it will improve.
Because, as Michael explained to us, it also the imperfection that’s appeals to us.
No face is symmetrical!

Realy, realy nice project!!

Thanks Pete! You’re absolutely right, a perfectly symmetrical face only makes things fake and uncanny to look at!I have nearly forgotten that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m working on the face texture now, will update again shortly. :grin:

Great details do you sketch? Any hints for someone who struggled with sculpt?

maybe this can help

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