Add video player speed control on gamedevtv course video player

Hi there gamedevtv folks,

I’m trying to learn game development, and the thing with me is sometimes “2s” speed is just not good enough, or I need something in between “1.5s” - “1.75s”/“2s”.

Before buying courses on gamedevtv, I was a udemy user, and I learned unity 2d & 3d course offered by gamedevtv on udemy.

On udemy to solve this issue (for everyone), I developed this simple browser extension “Udemy Video Playback Speed Controls

It solved my problem back then (and I can see many udemy-users like the idea, which is great to know that it helped others as well).

Now, I moved directly to gamedevtv for more game development-related content (instead of udemy, to support the gamedevtv website). I’m again facing the same issue.

So, I tried to make that extension compatible with the gamedevtv website video player.
But, I find out that here the gamedevtv. The team is using the videojs player, which uses an iframe to render the video player, and the browser extension is not going to help me here.

so I did some research and I find that videojs itself can easily support that functionality similar to “Udemy Video Playback Speed Controls

so I am sharing this here hoping that the gamedevtv website development team will consider this request for their students’ sake and add this video playrate speed control (from 0.1s to 4s with 0.1s fine-tune adjustment).

here’s a link sharing many links to such plugins for videojs (link), and like I said it is already available within videojs (see this advance videojs player).

and if needed I can develop a free plugin for videojs which will do this just like what I did for udemy using “Udemy Video Playback Speed Controls

so please share and vote on this topic if any of you face the same issue.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Let’s learn at our speed :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure gamedevtv is using at least a pro plan of teachable (if you know they are not please ignore it)

and here on teachable, they are showing from the pro-level user have access to public API, and my idea is that’s what one can use to fetch and display data (videos, course content, etc), if using this gamedevtv can get the videos links and then show them in their own videojs plugin can they can cover this use case and add this feature.

I did a bit of research and I think it’s achievable using public api.