Add Torque in Radians seems more like World space not Object Axis

So I’m working through Crystal Caverns, and I built my level on the Y instead of the X, which means navigating forward I need to add torque to the X instead of Y. Not really a big deal except that initially, I thought, oh, I can just rotate the blueprint of the sphere so Y is now going forward, except that does not work. So I assumed that Torque is applied to a world space orientation instead of the objects relative orientation. I changed Torque to go forward on X and Left right to Y, everything works well that way. Then I got to the quiz and answered World space for Toque and that’s where I was thrown for a loop. Nothing I did rotating the sphere, rotating the blueprint, rotating anything to change the torque worked.

I can’t imagine the quiz is incorrect, what am I missing about this that says it’s not a World Space for this Add Torque in Radians. To me it makes sense that it’s world, it behaves like world, rotating the object doesn’t change the torque. What am I missing?

I would also like to add that in some cases the orientation of the sphere could get twisted while rolling, maybe you bounce off of something and now it’s Y Axis is pointing a slightly different direction. In this case, I would expect torque to align to that, but that’s not the case, the object still torques to the world. This is good for this situation, since if the forward movement could change in some situations would be bad for the player to adapt to.

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