Add Actor World Rotation and Set actor world rotation

I completed this course and now when I watch everything from stratch again, I want to make sure I comprehended everything flawless and exceptionally. In AddActorWorldRotation function it was offsetting because it was only adding the rotation. For example, if value is x, we was adding x value according to mouse x but in the SetActorRotation function we just setted location so it didn’t offsetted?

I’m learning and as what I understand is
mean we add degree of rotates to the original rotate degrees like :
a + b = ///

but SetActorRotation we forget the original rotate degrees and put new rotate degrees does not have relation with the old original rotate degrees
a (converted to) b

yes exactly what I thought. We are adding adding and adding over again. At the end, total value is getting bigger. But in setting we set then it resets than we set again.

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yeah I think that it is

hey today after I woke up, I wanted to do marble run from scratch without looking any bp. I was sure I could make it happen. Because I have done this simple game 5 times but still I couldn’t do. I gave up and I looked to previous BP to see where I did wrong. Tomorrow I will make marble run game again but this time I will make this game without looking any previous BP schema.