ActorThatOpens not appearing in Open Door

Title, I’ve had similar problems with the other elements of open door, but was able to fix them by changing their values or #include-ing things.

I’m not getting any errors, but its simply not appearing, I’ve tried reloading both VS and UE4 several times.

I had a similar problem but restarting Unreal solved it for me. Could you show more of your code? Do you notice how your open angle isn’t locked to 90 like we would expect it to be? Maybe something is going on with how unreal is importing these properties in general.

Alright so not exactly a solution as im still not really sure what the problem is, but I’ve made it appear. your comment made me realize i changed the value of the OpenAngle back to 90, which was giving me problems before ,as i touched upon in the original post. i was able to fix those issues by specifically changing the value to 0.0 as suggested in another post, and well, changing it back to 0.0 fixed this problem as well… like i said im niot exactly sure what the problem is, but i did try to run the debugger with breakpoints under and around the lines in question and received a message along the lines of “This endpoint will never be reached” so im assuming that setting the OpenAngle to certain value, for some reason, stops that section of the code from being loaded.

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