Actor name bug

I removed the pressure plate from the OpenDoor of both doors just to check the logs.

My question is why the log prints the name of the first door as SM_Door_6 instead of SM_Door. It does that correctly for SM_Door2, and these 2 are the only doors in my project.

I guess that my biggest question is why is it working correctly for a door, but not the other.

L.E.: I even tried deleting the door and adding another one but the only change is that instead of SM_Door_6 it says SM_Door_2 while in the world outliner is shown correctly as SM_Door.

GetName gives you the instance name, so if you hover over the item in the world outliner it should show you the instance name if you’re in play mode.

Oh, I see, it has some “ID Name”. Thank you for the heads up :smiley:

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