Accidentally skipped this lecture

Hi! I’ve accidentally skipped this lecture and have done next one. I’ve created uproject alongside .git folder and it works fine. I really thought it should be like this. Why do we need to recap how to create new empty project? It’s pretty obvious, I think.

I think it is less about creating a project and more about an introduction to landscapes. Creating a project is one of the things that just has to be done and I doubt Ben would skip a step, even if he knows it is already obvious. “Clarity, it’s worth fighting for”. I’d say what happened was that creating the project took up the length of a lesson, so he threw in a bit of what we will be doing next lesson so that we’re still learning something. Just my guess.

Yes, and fo the sake of Clarity, it is the 340 videos of “bala bala”, compile errors, typos, and other stuff bloating this course. I’m on 172 now, and I think the course could be 3 times shorter if Ben had clear structure and didn’t improvise every video.

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