Accidentally disabled error squiggles through light bulb

Hey all,

I made a silly mistake. After following Mike and writing out the struct, I ended up with a squiggly line underneath GENERATED_BODY() in the header file.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the issue was. I hovered over the light bulb and clicked on disable error squiggly line and now all error squiggly lines are gone when writing code. I tried going through settings and searching for C_Cpp.errorSquiggles and enabling the setting on all tabs: User, Workspace, and Unreal, but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue.

I remember coming across the solution before through google, something about the config file and changing/reverting the settings there but I can’t seem to find the solution anymore. :frowning:

Any advice welcome since those squiggles are really useful (albeit frustrating!).

Thanks in advance!

Ctrl + Shift + P > then search for “error squiggles” and it should come right up.

Hi Dan, tried that and it says the error squiggles are already enabled, but if I write something incorrect, even intentionally, no squiggles come up. :confounded:

If you look in the settings is it enabled?

Yes sir, I even tried all three options available in the print screened drop down menu: EnabledIfIncludesResolve, Enabled, and (just for trial’s sake) Disabled.

Have you looked in your workspace settings? Workspace settings override global settings.

Ah yes I failed to look at Folder and then click on BullCowGame-starter-kit, but I’m still facing issues with the HiddenWordList header file… is there supposed to be an error squiggle if the format is as follows:

TArray<FString> Words =
TEXT ("sample")
TEXT ("text"),
TEXT ("example"),

I feel there should be considering there’s no comma after the word "sample"

It’s not an error as two string literals next to each other are concatenated. What you have there is an array of two strings "sampletext" and "example"

I also recently found out a couple days ago that trailing commas are valid in brace init {} expressions.:man_shrugging:

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