Accessibility design course

I would love to take a course on accessibility in video games. Lately I’ve become very interested in this topic and I was impressed by what they did for The Last Of Us II, especially for people with visual impairments.
It would be great to be able to implement a video game that can be enjoyed by everyone, including people with disabilities who often can not enjoy video games like everyone else.
I know it’s a relatively new topic and there are no best practices yet, but it would be great to have a smattering of techniques to follow.


I would also love a course on Accessibility, specially for Unity.

Accessibility has become an ever-increasing demand for modern games, from AAA to Indies. Yet, I have found little to no practical courses or tutorials on the subject.

The resources I have found are all documents, guidelines and analysis (from the player’s perspective) of games with accessibility features.
The only practical course I have found was made by Unity itself but the course felt to be quite subpar considering that the sample game they provided was the bare minimum, plagued with a lot of usability issues and will probably never receive any updates.

I think a course on Accessibility could shine by going through some basic theories, examples, guidelines and resources, then presenting a sample project (maybe from the RPG series) to improve throughout the course.

An interesting suggestion I would make is to bring special guests with disabilities to test what was implemented in the course, give their feedback and explaining on why they need such features.
Some of these guests could come from the community while others could come from known communities focused on testing accessibility in games, maybe even call some experts in the field.
This would also allow to present the students with known communities that are focused on accessibility and ways to get in touch that community for feedback on their games.
The course could open a new channel on the forums and discord focused on discussing the topic.

Alternatively, if accessibility by itself can’t make a big enough course, then I would suggest a course on User Experience (UX) that would also include Usability and Quality of Life features.

For those interested, these are some useful resources on the subject:
Game Accessibility Guidelines
Microsoft Xbox Accessibility Guidelines
Microsoft Inclusive Design
SpecialEffect’s DevKit
Microsoft Learn - Gaming Accessibility Fundamentals
Unity Learn - Practical Game Accessibility

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