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  1. Overview of this section.
  2. Focus on Unity's physics engine and collisions.
  3. Lots of creative opportunity to make your own levels, background, blocks, rules, tuning and so on.

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I found importing from the Number wizard to be useless. The games just don’t have enough in common and we waste a lot of time, deleting things, or chosen what not to export, what not to import, and this is very prone to error for novice programmers. If you want to save time, and I guess you have to, I would suggest providing a clean and perfect package import that is ready to go for block breaker. I am starting from a new 2D project myself and I am still struggling, because I got used to “anchors” in the last project and now sprites don’t have them. :frowning:


I lost track with scaling background into canvas.

Resolution and 4-3 are good.

In this lecture I didnt see the “next level button” from the previous lesson (Level 1 scene).
When I scale it to the canvas the transform values get unlogic.

When I dont scale the background, I have problems at finishing the chapter while its way to small.

Please make me see what I dont see :wink:

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