About 'WaveConfig Scriptable Object'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Map out what data will need to be in which of our scripts.
  2. Create our WaveConfig script and populate it with our data variables.
  3. Write public get methods to allow other classes to access our data.

After watching (learning outcomes)… Create a scriptable object for wave data with public methods that return the data values.

(Unique Video Reference: 13_LD_CUD)

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instead of manually creating the public get methods, you could select all the atributes > right click > quick actions and refactoring > encapsulate fields.
the mvs will then create the getter and setters methods automatically…


Thanks for this tip!


I am stuck on this object. Could be me could be UNity 2018 changes.
I watch your video and see after the object is created it has a script attached.
When I do the same steps I get the object yet the script lines says None (Mono Script).

I have an issue with these when I run them I can not seem to get the first scriptable object (Wave 1 currently) to run it gets skipped and all others run. It does not work even if I put one of the other wav scraptable objects in it.
Checked all the scripts against all the lectures…
I also have an issue that does not seem to be a problem in the Enemy Pathing script The Method created does not highlight as blue like in your video. seems to run ok otherwise.

Should I post this outside of this topic?


Did some pretty random experiments and fixed the Objects but still not sure why thye were broke in first place.
What I did was open a new project named it Laser Defender rebuild. Located it in explorer and then copied all the assets from original it came in ok then relinked tthe needed sprites and refabs and paths and now my WaveConfigs are working normal.

Only ISsue I have left is why when my enemy prfab has four waves I am only getting 3. Always drops the firs one no matter which it is.


OK so solved this as well I had the Starting wave in the inspector on Enemy Spawner set to 1.


Hello John,

I have the same issue about waveConfig scriptable obj. So how did you solve exactly? You just copied and pasted all assets to another folder and link it?

Thanks in advance.


Best I can rememeber. ( did a lot of random tries)
Since I was not sure what caused and still am not I went to the Git hub for Laser Defender and downloaded the complete project.
Then I duplicated my failed project folder ( I am finding this isonly way to make backups of projects for tweaking or generationalchanges etc.).

Once that was made I compared every script against what was in mine and they seemed to match.
Once I knew their was no other errors I dragged the Scripts into my Asset folder for script then launched the new (folder version)
It built itself correct from there Had to delete the old waves as well.

I think if I would have just replaced the WaveConfig script and deleted waves …did a reimport or a restart would have worked but that was my random way about it.

Good luck


Thank you so much, I solved it. It is broken because scriptable object name is different than script. It can not see because path is not correct., so its name was overlooked, I deleted the space between words and it is solved. its name was Wave Config before and I changed it to WaveConfig.