About 'User Preferences'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Take a Look at Blender's preferences.
  2. Understand some key settings.
  3. Know what .blend1 files are.

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will understand where the preferences are and see just how customisable Blender is.

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  • What you found good about this lecture?
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I thought it might be worth mentioning that the size of the ‘Pie Menus’ can be changed as well. As someone with poor eyesight I end up using Blender at a resolution of 1.2 on a 32" screen set to 1360x768. This makes the ‘Pie Menus’ rather inconveniently large at their default size.

As you can see, with the default size for the ‘Pie Menu’ it’s rather easy to lose an option or two to screen size or even background coloration.

The size can be changed by decreasing (or increasing) the radius under Interface > Menu > Pie Menu

I have found that a radius of 50 works well, and is about as small as I can go with my font settings. As shown in the pic below, it gives a nice tight cluster for the options without crowding the menu to the point of making it unreadable.

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Not sure if you’re planning on revisiting the lesson now or waiting until a few more versions of the beta’s out, but in case it helps, the arrangement of some of the Preferences have changed compared to the lecture. Orbit & Pan are now under its own tab in Navigation, and the CUDA/OpenCL options are now under the System tab (for the “12. Rendering Out Your Scene” lesson).

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