About 'Turning a Tilemap into an Autotile'!

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1 Set up an Autotile to make levels creation easy 2 Add collision to our Autotile 3 Create a basic test level

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Autotiles, Bitmasking and Auto-Collision

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Phew! That was a long one, welcome to the wonderful world of RSI :wink: I must admit when I first watched the video through I found it a bit confusing and daunting, and put off actually starting to go through the video while actually creating the Godot level. However, I found that if I followed each step carefully and slowly it was doable and made sense, although I had to keep switching between the video and the project to take it in baby steps. This is certainly one where it would help to have two screens, or watch the video on the laptop and do the work on the PC. Eventually I was converted from a slightly hostile feeling about the tilemap system to enjoying just painting the rooms and corridors so quickly.

One thing I am curious about is how do you go about designing a tilemap for autotile as the various segments in the map look quite random.

Finally here is a picture of the villain’s lair that I came up with:

Looks great!

Yeah, setting up a good tilemap can be pretty fiddly and time consuming.

To make a spritesheet work as a tilemap, you’d want to make sure that every bitmask option was covered. I link to this guide in the lecture, and it’s quite helpful!

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My apologies I missed the link, I will give it a good read, thanks.

No need to apologise! I actually added it in after uplaoding the video, so it’s easy to miss

Making of a level takes no time at all. I’ll give it a another shot later.

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My Screen size is limited . on a laptop. the resolution is low and I found the best way to deal with tilesheets is to use a different EDITOR LAYOUT - move thing to suit your needs. i.e all the right panel things should be moved to the left and saved with a new name . now the + and - is not behind the inspector and you can switch back and forth as needed.

Hello, I clearly need help with lesson 85 setting up AutoTile. I can do everything EXPECT the collisions. Bitmap and drawing levels works perfect. But when I try to add collisions I can random collisions / blockages to movement. Have looked at this form, the Q&A at Udemy, multiple Youtube videos, etc. and can not figure it out. It’s only the collisions that are causing issues. Any help would be great, was loving he series prior to this but have spent ~3days working on this collisions issue :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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